Physical Chemistry I

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Field of Research

  • Molecular structure of fluid interfaces investigated with surface analytical techniques. Static and dynamic behavior
  • Structure of organic films on solid substrates (surface analysis)
  • Adsorption of oxygen on metals and the early stages of oxidation (surface analysis)
  • Computersimulation (Molecular Dynamics, density functional methods)
  • Phase behavior, phase equilibria, reactive steps in multi component systems forming micelles, vesicles and micro emulsions
  • Surface tension, interface tension, adsorption and wetting processes
  • Characterization of adsorption sites in zeolithes
  • Photoinduced chemical kinetics of electron transfer and of isomeriszation in colloidal systems
  • Electrochemistry, thermodynamics and kinetics of the transfer of ions through biomembranes


  • MIES (Metastable Induced Electron Spectroscopy) at liquid surfaces
  • ARUPS/ARXPS: depth profiling at fluid interfaces
  • ICISS and NICISS: elementspecific depth profiles at the surface of liquids and polymers
  • Electron spectrometer MAX 100 for the analysis of solid surfaces, equipped with XPS, UPS, MIES, ISS, SPA/LEED
  • Characterization and analysis of the bulk-phase by differential scanning microcalorimeter DSC III
  • Digital density measurement, low stress rheometry, UV/VIS absorption and emission spectroscopy
  • Tensiometry (Wilhelmy plate, ring, maximum bubble pressure, spinning drop), contact angle
  • GC, HPLC
  • Temperature programmed desorption (TPD), TPSR, TPR and TPQ
  • Adsorption volumetry ASAP 2010
  • Micro second flash photolysis, laser photolysis
  • Dielectric spectroscopy

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Physical Chemistry I
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