Field of Research

  • Neurobiology of Alzheimer's disease and related disorders
  • Cellular interaction and intracellular signal transduction in neurodegeneration and regeneration
  • Degenerative and regenerative processes in the septal region after immuno lesions
  • Role of nitric oxide in neurodegeneration
  • Structural and functional organization of striato-pallidal and septal regions
  • Cellular and molecular biology of cytoskeletal proteins
  • Animal models of neurodegeneration
  • Mechanisms of signal transduction and regulation of cycle in neurons


  • Histological, cytochemical, proteinbiochemical and molecularbiological laboratories
  • (TEM) Electron microscope Zeiss 912 OMEGA
  • Videomicroscopy, image analysing systems
  • Cell and tissue culture
  • Brain bank

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Arendt, Thomas (Prof. Dr.)
Jahnallee 59
04109 Leipzig
Phone: +49 341 97-25721
Fax: +49 341 2114-397