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  • Zabel, Jörg (Prof. Dr.)
    InstitutionDidactic of Biology
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  • Zeitler, Kirsten (Prof. Dr.)
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  • Zerfaß, Ansgar (Prof. Dr.)
    InstitutionStrategische Kommunikation
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  • Zielhofer, Christoph (Prof. Dr.)
    InstitutionPhysical Geography
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  • Zimmermann, Tanja (Prof. Dr.)
    InstitutionArt History of Eastern Central Europe
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  • Zimmermann, Wolfgang (Prof. Dr.)
     more details
  • Zinecker, Heidrun (Prof. Dr.)
    InstitutionInternational Relations
     more details
  • Zöllner, Frank (Prof. Dr.)
    InstitutionMedieval and Modern Art History
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  • Züchner, Thole (Dr.)
    InstitutionJunior Research Group Ultrasensitive Protein Detection Unit
     more details
  • Zwanzger, Michael (Prof. Dr.)
    InstitutionChair of Civil Law and Legal History
     more details
  • Zybatow, Gerhild (Prof. Dr.)
    InstitutionEast Slavonic Linguistics
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